Monday, May 26, 2014

63:120 Uncle Stone Teeth and Other Macabre Poems by Stefon Mears

A short collection of macabre poetry.  Uncle Stone Teeth appears to those who have a deep hatred and desire to see someone suffer as a result, and the results are not pretty.  There are poems of zombies and witches and horror-movie slashers, some written in observed forms like sestina and others simply free-form.

I will admit to giggling at several of these and then grabbing my teenage sons' phones to download them to their kindle apps to share but I also understand I am not "normal".   Several just tickled my idea of the perverse, especially 'Bang'.  Then again, I just helped my 15-year-old write zombie/cannibalistic/nuclear winter haikus as well as helping him with how to research and write a short story based on a pair of hired assassins with great detail including answering questions about what tool I would use for dismemberment.  I'm actually hoping I can use these poems to help teach that same child about poetry since more classical poetry tends to put him to sleep.

Page count: 30p/15,176p ytd/196,214p lifetime

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