Monday, May 26, 2014

61:120 Hunt for a New Life by Stefon Mears

The Count's second son has always shown a talent for magic, but his is a gentle magic made for calling wild beasts than the flashier fire magic that the mages want to see so he is turned away as an apprentice and is now heading how to face the choice of being a soldier or becoming a priest when he spies the golden rabbit of legend.  His hopes soar for a third option, that of presenting this most prized rabbit as a token to his lady and escaping the fate that seems to be in store for him.  There is a different destiny laid upon him however, as he is about to find out.

A nice little short story about how even when our choices seem set, fate may have something else up it's sleeve for us.

Page count: 15p/15,034p ytd/196,072p lifetime

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