Sunday, May 25, 2014

59:120 The Ancient American World by William L. Fash & Mary Lyons

Middle-School Ancient History.  Here's my review from a few years ago:

This covers the MesoAmerican, Incan, Maya, and other cultures of South and Middle America from 5000BCE to the Spanish conquistadors of the 1400 & 1500s.  There were chapters on several cultures I don't remember having learned of before and it was amazing to see the incredible art and ways they came up with to not only survive but thrive and what rich cultures came and went during that time.  As always, the more I read this series of history books the more impressed I am with them.  Much more detail in these than even my high schoolers World History text.<br/>

This time had the added bonus in that a few years ago, my family and I took a trip were we got to see some of the ancient Maya ruins and speak with some of their descendants so that part of the book definitely had a deeper resonance with me this time around in a very wonderful way.

Page count: 176p/14,659p ytd/195,697p lifetime

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