Monday, May 26, 2014

62:120 Who Was King Tut? by Robert Edwards and True Kelley

A simple, non-fiction account of what we know of King Tut's life and death, the burial process, and the discovery of his tomb and what that meant.  There are a lot of illustrations and several chapters have extended pieces to go more in-depth on side notes like religion or Lord Carnovon.  It focuses more on discovery than the actual treasures and includes a floor plan of the tomb, why it was so hard to find, and why he was buried where he was.

An interesting read that managed to keep my 8-year-old's attention as we read it and went more in-depth into the finding and excavation of the tomb than the other books on ancient Egypt we had read.

Page count: 112p/15,146p ytd/196,184p lifetime

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