Friday, April 25, 2014

49:120 The Demon You Know by Julie Kenner

A short story set in the Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom universe, between books 4 and 5.  Allie has started training to be a demon hunter like her mom and considering her bad choice in dates lately, Kate has agreed.  They are having the normal teenage head-butting thing going as well so it's been a challenge but Kate is trying to loosen up so let's Allie off to the mall with her friends and from there she has a sleepover planned at another friend's house.  Little does she know that Allie's friends have plans to sneak off to a major party at a local playboy's mansion and little do they know just why they have been invited to this party....

Apparently a 6th book is being released this year after several years hiatus so this is a tease to get people back in the universe.  It's a simple story and if you don't know the backstory it's a little hard to get into so definitely not a good introduction to the series but since I read all the books a few years ago, it was nice to dip back into that world.  I'm very curious as to where it's going to go after the last book when it appeared that Kate and her husband were heading for splitsville.  The stories are bubblegum, fun without a lot of substance but as a soccer mom, there are so many ways I can relate to Kate (except the whole demon thing, that just happens when the youngest hasn't eaten lately).  I'm looking forward to the new installment.

Page count: 22p/11,889p ytd/192,927p lifetime (numbers shifted as I went through and found some errors)

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