Tuesday, April 8, 2014

40:120 The Ancient Greek World by Jennifer T. Roberts & Tracy Barrett

A look at history from the earliest civilizations that we have records for and how those civilizations eventually came to be called Greek through cultural similarities, language, and religious beliefs but how the lack of true community and nation forming eventually led to it's downfall.  Again, a rich look at the culture not just the bare bones history and mythology.

Here's what I said when I read it a few years ago:
 I felt this did a very good job of going through ancient Greek history.  It didn't focus over much on religion and mythology as I've seen so many others do.  It focused more on how people lived and how their lives developed.  Lots on the wars since that was, unfortunately, a fairly common occurrence but also on the development of the poleis (Greek city-states).  They told of King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans against Xeres of Persia (the basis for the recent movie 300).  Lots on the inventors and philosophers as well.  Overall, very pleased with this series for middle school history.

Page count: 192p/9,625p ytd/190,617p lifetime

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