Tuesday, April 15, 2014

45:120 Doctor Who: The Silurian Gift by Mike Tucker

Quick Read, 11th Doctor, no companions.  The Doctor has discovered a corporation about to bring out a new source of fuel that they discovered in the Antartic and decides to go check things out.  Turns out, Pelcorp did not discover it but was given it by the Silurians, a race of homo reptilia, that ruled the Earth when man was just a primitive ape.  Pelcorp has forced their cooperation and not all the Silurians are happy about the way their "relationship" with the humans is going and are now bent on using their fuel to destroy the Earth for human habitation.  Can the Doctor convince them to stop?

This is a Quick Read so only 112 pages and lives up to the name.  Simpler language and assumes you know the universe and main characters (I do).  My younger kiddo really enjoys these books and then bugs me to read them as well.  It was short and simple and nothing super exciting but it was a fun little Doctor adventure.

Page count: 112p/10,797p ytd/191,789p lifetime

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