Friday, November 22, 2013

119:120 Parasite by Mira Grant

The first book in a new duology from the author of the Newsflesh trilogy!  Symbogen has created the ultimate new device in medical technology, a symbiotic parasite that is tailor made for you to keep you healthy.  It gets rid of almost all need for daily medications for things like high blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid problems, etc.  What could be better?  Then the sleeping sickness starts affecting people who have the parasite.  They just seem to go out to lunch and never return and it seems to be spreading.  Sal is a survivor of a horrible car crash who was saved by her parasite six years ago but now the sleepers seem to be cropping up near her constantly and when they do, she seems to be the focus of their attention.  What is going on and how do they make it all stop?

A thoroughly enjoyable read.  Not much in the way of twists and turns that aren't easily figured out early on but there were a few minor ones that were fun.  A bit slow in a few places but more often it's moving at warp speed.  If you enjoyed Feed or like scientific horror, go grab your copy now!

Page count: 512p/32,910p ytd/177,310p lifetime

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