Friday, November 8, 2013

116:120 A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore

Charlie Asher couldn't believe his luck.  He was married to a beautiful woman who had just given birth to their first child, a healthy baby girl.  Yep, everything was going great until he went back to the hospital to bring her a CD and found a man dressed in mint green next to her bedside as she died.  Now objects coming into his second hand shop are glowing red and he's hearing voices from the sewer grates.  Then people start dropping dead when his daughter says "kitty" and she has two large hellhounds as her constant companions and he's been charged with collecting souls (the glowing objects) to help them move on.  Then the sewer harpies start coming out and souls aren't being collected properly and everything seems to moving towards a big time confrontation, good vs. evil, kind of thing.  Charlie is the last person anyone should be hoping to have as their savior but if he's the one who has been chosen, he will do his best!

Having not read a Christopher Moore book before but hearing that they were  not to be taken at all seriously I figured I'd give it a go.  Having dealt with my share of death lately I wasn't too sure I wanted to be reading a book about death but was hoping a more humorous take on it might actually be just what I needed.  I found it to be just that.  There was reverence for the dead and dying but the rest of the story was fun and light and easy to laugh at.  And hey, squirrel people!

Page count: 387p/31,779p ytd/176,179p lifetime

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