Thursday, November 7, 2013

115:120 After Dead by Charlaine Harris

Billed as "What Came Next in the World of Sookie Stackhouse" and supposed to fill in what happened next to everyone.

It falls woefully flat.  As in, this is a one-star, avoid at all costs book.  I have read all the books and most of the short stories and didn't recognize even half the names in the book.  The majority is bit, throw away players that you didn't care about when they were in the main book and care even less about now and there is zero cross-referencing so you can't even try to figure out which book they were in to try and remember why you should know them.  The blurbs are generally short and the few characters other than Bill, Eric, and Sookie that you might want to know more about generally just state "They had plenty of other adventures".  Sorry Charlaine but if that's your way of trying to get me excited for more books set in this universe with your characters, you are sadly mistaken.  I'm done and unlikely to buy another book of her's.  I've been disappointed with the last several books in this series and this was just a blatant money grab.

Page count: 195p/31,392p ytd/175,792p lifetime

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