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New Releases I'm Looking Forward To: 3rd Quarter 2015

My usual disclaimer:
Let me state, this is really based on authors or series that I'm already reading since those are the things I follow.  I'm not paid to write this blog nor do I have any affiliations with any publishers so I don't receive free books or advance notice of things except what I glean off Facebook from people who do have those contacts or what I research on my own (which again, leads back to authors that I'm already reading).  Maybe someday I'll be one of those who has the contacts and gets ARCs but it's not today.

Well, school is finally out so I'm working hard to get caught up on a bunch of my personal reading.  The fact that I didn't add a ton this last quarter is going to help but oh boy, that is so not the case with this next quarter.  Apparently everyone was aiming for summer releases this year...

Flight From Death by Yasmine Galenorn kicks off the big 3rd quarter.  This is the start of her new Fly by Night series featuring Shimmer, a blue dragon, and the detective agency she works for run by Alex Radcliffe, a vampire.  Set in the world of Ms. Galenorn's Otherworld series, we have already been introduced to the characters in the short novella, Flight From Hell with the help of the D'Artigo sisters. I love that world and am definitely interested in seeing it from a different perspective.

Release Date: July 7

The following week sees two new books by authors not usually on my list.  Armada by Ernest Cline is his second book but after his Ready, Player, One which was fabulous, I'm very interested to see if he can pull it off again.  Zack seems to be a typical, every day nerd (so my kinda person) and even though he knows that the stuff he reads about and watches on TV isn't real, a part of him can't help but wish it were.  And then one day, it is...

Release Date: July 14

And speaking of second books, Go Set a Watchmen by Harper Lee has been a long time coming.  A sequel to To Kill a Mockingbird but written before it, it will be interesting to see what her original take on her characters was before she was asked to change it around completely.

Release Date: July 14

To finish off July, there is Spider's Trap by Jennifer Estep.  Gin took out Mab's daughter in the previous book and has now set herself up to take up the mantle of Head Crime Boss for the town.  Of course, this means that everyone will be gunning for her even more than ever but now she has to actually try and keep the bad guys in line with something more than her knives.

Release Date: July 28

August starts off big with a double header.  First up, Kitty Saves the World by Carrie Vaughn.  This is it, the end of the series and it looks like Kitty is going out with a bang.  With the information that Cormac was able to dig up in Low Midnight, Kitty and her friends are going to make their play but Dux Bellorum is already ahead of them and they are outgunned and outnumbered at every turn.  With all the friends Kitty has made over the years, can she bring them together to save the world?

Release Date: August 4

On the same day, Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews also comes out.  Kate and Curran are working to set up their lives away from The Pack now although they both know it will take time to completely separate themselves.  However, when one of Kate's friends from the Merc Guild goes missing, it turns out that the ancient enemy is rising.

Release Date: August 4

Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong is the only other book on my list coming out in August.  We left Olivia with her ex-fiance stalking her at the behest of her enemies, those who most likely framed her parents for murder and Olivia herself trapped in her own head in so many ways.  Now her visions are becoming more frequent and she must learn to interpret them and find a way to strike a balance in her mind.

Release Date: August 18

September starts off with another crazy double header.  A Red-Rose Chain by Seanan McGuire is the start of the story that everything up until now has been getting Toby ready for and that probably doesn't bode well for her.

Release Date: September 1

Kim Harrison also kicks off a new series with The Drafter.  I'm not 100% sold on this one yet but I'll definitely be doing some more research.  Details are still kind of spotty but I really enjoyed her other work so odds are good I'll give it a chance.  Minority Report meets Bourne Identity could be interesting...

Release Date: September 1

Next up is a new collection of short stories in Led Astray by Kelley Armstrong.  The collection is to include stories from the Otherworld, Cainsville, Darkest Powers, and Age of Legends series.  I'm very interested in reading the stuff from Otherworld and Cainsville and I figure it will give me a chance to see what the other two series are like since to date, the blurbs haven't gripped me enough to actually delve into them.

Release Date: September 8

Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs is the third book the Miss Peregrine Home for Peculiar Children series.  Unfortunately I'm a book behind so all I can tell from the synopsis I'm seeing is that there is danger everywhere for these children and their caregiver, Miss Peregrine.  Hoping I can get caught up before it comes out.

Release Date: September 22

And the final book for this quarter is Autumn Moon by Jan DeLima.  Elen was made outcast because of her powers and lack of ability to shift to a wolf.  Now her powers and her kind heart have caused her to save her friends and use the energy she gained from that to change Cormack from the man in a wolf's body he has always been into a full shapeshifter.  Now Cormack finds himself wanting more from Elen than just her friendship but wants to be able to present himself as a full-man rather than one who is still learning the basics like a baby.  Before he can do that however, Pendaran has kidnapped Elen to force her to use her magic to aid him and his cause.  

Release Date: September 29

So yeah, a LOT of new releases coming out in the next couple of months.  I'm thankful that in all but one case, they are either stand-alones, starting a new series, or I'm caught up in the series already.  Still, lots and lots of reading to be getting done and I still haven't even gotten caught up in Elfquest before events in the Final Quest so I can read those as they come out.  That is definitely something I need to find time to change this summer.

Happy Reading!

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