Thursday, June 11, 2015

70:120 Life Sentence: Two Tales of the Living Dead by Kelley Armstrong

Two short stories by Kelley Armstrong about the undead.

Life Sentence ~ Daniel Boyd, a younger son of the Boyd Cabal (a familiar name to those who have read her Otherworld series) has been told he has 6 months to live.  While the other Cabals are researching vampires, he tries the other route...zombies.  Of course, to find a way to turn himself into a zombie with full control over himself and none of that icky rotting issue to deal with is going to take finding a scientist with a lot of brains and few qualms about *ahem* experimentation.

Last Stand ~ The Zombie outbreak has finally happened and survivors are scattered all over.  This group is uncertain how many more are out there and they are willing to live in peace together if only the Others would allow it.  Unfortunately that doesn't seem to be a choice so what else can they do?

Both stories are well written with nice little twists at the end.  The Boyd Cabal is one that is not a big player in the Otherworld series and you still don't get much of a sense of them in this story as it's pretty short and focused on the main narrative and not much world building.  Last Stand doesn't seem to be set in any of her other worlds and again, with how short it is there is not much world building but it's definitely an intriguing concept.

Page count: 33p/16,823p ytd/231,757p lifetime

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