Monday, June 1, 2015

64:120 Blocked by Seanan McGuire

Antimony Price is graduating high school.  She was there to learn how to socialize and integrate with normal society but while there, she found her niche in the cheerleading squad.  Now that it's over however, there is a vacant hole in her life and she doesn't know what to do next.  As a Price, she has to keep out of the spotlight which means most activities she would enjoy and be good at are things she can't pursue in case the Covenant sees her face and comes after her and her family.  She is dejected until her cousin takes her for a rollerball derby try-out...

This is our first real glimpse at Antimony outside of descriptions of her from Verity and Alex's point of view.  We still have another Verity lead book before she gets her first time to shine in the spotlight so it's nice to get an idea of what we will be in for when it's finally her turn.

Page count: 15p/15,952p ytd/230,886p lifetime

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