Wednesday, June 3, 2015

68:120 White as a Raven's Wing by Seanan McGuire

Ryan has finally proposed to Istas.  She knows how important marriage and children are to him and she is willing to join him for these things but she also knows that to be true to those ideals she must first go home and confront her father who has claimed her as his wife after killing her mother according to the traditions of her people.  It will not be easy, even harder with Ryan's insistence that he goes with her, but she can do nothing else if she is to honor their relationship even if it means her death trying.

Lots more into the culture of the waheela in this one which I really enjoyed.  It's nice getting other perspectives into this universe besides those of the Price family (although I love those!).  I hope we get more stories with Istas and Ryan.  They seem an interesting pair to follow as they try to navigate a cross-species relationship.

Page count: 35p/16,448p ytd/231,382p lifetime

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