Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 New Releases I'm looking forward to

Ok, I'm going to start doing a bit more than just reviewing what I read here and actually start talking about some of the stuff I'm looking forward to.  Right now, I'm only going to cover things that are coming out this year that I have already pre-ordered.

First up

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to the newest Otherworld book by Yasmine Galenorn.  Shadow Rising is the 12th book in the series and told by Menolly's POV.   Fans of LKH and CH would be well served by checking out this series as the next step up.
Release date: Oct 30.

Next, Darkness Hunts which is the 4th book in the Dark Angels series by Keri Arthur.  Not quite as good as her Riley Jensen series but still the series has been a treat to read with enough action both in and out of the bedroom to keep it fun.  A bit of an easier read for those days when bubblegum is all your brain can handle.
Release date: Nov 6

Cold Days by Jim Butcher has me nervous.  I get tired of authors throwing their characters into increasingly more impossible situations where they all manage to get out alive.  I get that what I read is not generally real world stuff here but at the same time, after a while it gets to be too much of the "gimme a break" factor and I lose interest.  I was beyond thrilled when Dresden died and stayed dead for a whole book, having to learn how to function as a ghost.  I thought it was brilliant and gave Mr. Butcher huge props for doing something so revolutionary.  And then he brought him back to life.  *sigh*  I'm getting this one mostly for my oldest who loves the series and I know I won't be able to have it in the house and not read it but I can only hope that Mr. Butcher does some pretty remarkable writing in order for me to forgive him for pulling this stunt.
Release date: Nov 27

On the other hand, I couldn't be more excited for Steel's Edge by Ilona Andrews coming out the same day.  The 4th book in The Edge series which will focus on Richard Edger.  I have enjoyed the series and appreciate that they have not merely forgotten about the other couples that have paired up in the previous books as the new one focuses on the next.  I also appreciate that at this time, they have no plans to write more in this series until the right story presents itself.  It's so rare for authors to stop when the story is done these days that I truly respect them for it.
Release date: Nov 27

So only four more books coming out in series that I'm currently reading this year.  Maybe I'll actually be able to see my To Read pile go down a bit before the new year.

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