Sunday, October 14, 2012

110:105 Claimed by Shadow by Karen Chance

2nd book in the Cassandra Palmer series.  Cassie has the Pythia's powers but has yet to complete the ritual. The power is trying to get her to complete the ritual and claim it fully.  Mircea has placed a geis on her that she can not complete the ritual except with him or his designated surrogate.  Myra, the initiate who was to become Pythia before she turned bad, is trying to kill Mircea in the past to remove Cassie's protection in her youth to prevent her from ever becoming Pythia.  Cassie is trying to find someone else to take the power and also find Tony who has her father's soul in a paperweight so she can free it.

Some girls just can't catch a break!

There was so much going on in this book and the above doesn't even cover it all.  Somehow Ms. Chance manages to weave it all together into a, well, we will call it a harmonious whole although I'm sure Cassie would disagree with that assessment.  A real page turner with enough things getting answered to leave you satisfied but with enough unanswered to make you want to grab the next one.

Page count: 374p/33,151p ytd

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