Friday, October 26, 2012

110:108 Into the Woods by Kim Harrison

A collection of short stories, most in the Hollows series but a few outside of it as well.  My favorites were the one where we see Rachel raise Pierce for the first time, some back story on Ivy and how she and Rachel got teamed up, and the story of how Trent went after his daughter.  The story of Jenks and Bis on a case was fun and I enjoyed the others and learning more about how races interact in her universe more.

The four stories outside the Hollows series were kind of a mixed bag.  The first two were ok but having nothing really invested in the characters and they didn't leave me caring much about any of them afterward either.  Interesting stories, but not majorly gripping or compelling.  The third story, Spider Silk, was a bit creepier and I admit I wasn't too thrilled with the ending.  Ms. Harrison admits she's not sure if that one will ever turn into more but if it does, it will be from the point of view of the child living in a messed up home.  That pretty much sums it up.  The last one tho has me wondering if it is part of another series (it isn't but it totally should be).  A detailed background on the world, compelling characters, and gripping action filled with gut-wrenching decision making.  Of all the shorts from outside the Hollows, this is the one I would love to see as a new series by her.

Page count: 513p/34,443p ytd

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