Tuesday, October 2, 2012

110:101 Have Stakes Will Travel by Faith Hunter

4 short stories set in the Jane Yellowrock series.  All but the last take place before the first book in the series and provide more background on Jane.

WeSa - A story of early Jane/Beast where they find men encroaching on Beast's previous hunting territory.  The men are destroying the land and Beast isn't happy about it.

Haints - Told in Molly's voice of the first case she and Jane worked together, shortly after they met.  Interesting to see Jane from an outside perspective.

Signatures of the Dead - Again told in Molly's voice and is the story that gets hinted at a lot in their interactions through the books of how Molly's sister was kidnapped by vampires and Jane and Molly went in to get her out.

Cajun with Fangs - Takes place right before Death's Rival.  Jane has just put in her resignation to Leo and is trying to get the heck out of dodge when she gets pulled back in the most unlikely way.

I enjoyed these, especially those told by Molly where we get to learn more about their relationship from another POV and what has drawn them together.  Probably not a great introduction for those not already familiar with the books but a great little tidbit for the fans.

Page count: 143p/31,757p ytd

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