Thursday, July 26, 2012

110:79 Thirteen by Kelley Armstrong

The finale of the Women of the Otherworld Series.  A war is brewing between those who think that the supernatural world should come out to the humans and those who don't agree and even the angels and demons are taking sides.  There is a madman who thinks he has made an immortality serum and is testing it out on other supernaturals including Savannah's brother, Bryce.  Can Savannah and her friends stop the release of this virus and keep their world hidden?  Why is her grandfather so intent on her being on his side?  Why is Adam's father contacting him for the other side?  Will Savannah ever get her full power back?  And most importantly of all, what will this cost them all personally?

This book was most definitely an epic conclusion to this series.  Fast paced with tons of action going on but in between, signs that life continues even when the world is going to hell in a handbasket.  I have to admit that I wasn't too keen on the final three books all being about Savannah but this one had each of the women speak for a bit although the primary focus was on Savannah.  I thought that was a nice touch to let each of them have a voice in this book.  I admit it tho, I'm sorry that the series is over as it's been one of my favorites.  Ms. Armstrong has said that she always envisioned it ending this way but that there are more stories in this world to be told . I can honestly say I can't wait to read them.

Page count: 444p/25,642p ytd

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