Thursday, July 19, 2012

110:76 Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews

The 2nd novel of The Edge.  It's been two years since Rose and Declan went off to live happily ever after in The Weird and William left to live in the The Edge and work in The Broken but now William has been approached by the Mirror to find an artifact that has been hidden in The Edge and better yet, it gives him a chance at Spider, a man he's tried and failed to kill twice already.

Cerise Mar's parents have vanished and their long-time enemies, the Sherilee's, seem to be behind it but they don't have the manpower to have pulled it off alone.  She needs to find out who is really behind the abduction of her parents and get them back but how?  Then she meets William and their paths are entwined and they will need to work together to accomplish both their goals.

This series is going into the new romance formula of following a different couple as they hook up and then basically ditching them once they are together to follow a new couple as they get together.  I like the book but hate this formula.  It's too predictable.  Ilona Andrews does it better in that at least the characters get to know each other, talk about their pasts, and like something about the other besides the way they look/smell but still, it's a formula.  I like the world and the writing so I'll keep reading but I just hope that eventually they'll throw in multiple possible partners to keep you guessing or have it take more than one book for the couple to fall into each other's arms.  You know, mix up the formula a bit.

Page count: 462p/24,726p ytd

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