Friday, July 6, 2012

110:72 Vanished by Kat Richardson

The 4th book in the Greywalker series.  Harper has received a mysterious phone call from her ex-boyfriend, her dead ex-boyfriend, who tells her that things are not what they seem.  This leads Harper to confront her past which answers some questions but asks many more than it answers.  When Edward recalls her home to send her on a mission to London, she realizes this may be a chance to learn more and takes it.  What she doesn't know is who will be waiting for her on the other side and just how the answers will affect her life going forward.

I absolutely love how stuff that was set-up even as early as the first book is now being answered and we are getting all this background information in her quest to find out why she has become a Greywalker.  Not everything is resolved tho and I'm so glad I have two more books out to find out where things go from here.  Fast-paced, richly descriptive, and completely gripping.

Page count: 354p/23,354p ytd

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