Thursday, July 12, 2012

110:73 Labyrinth by Kat Richardson

The 5th book in the Greywalker series.  Wygan's plans are coming to a head soon.  Harper is almost shaped the way he needs her to complete what was set into motions centuries before she was born.  Harper wants to stop him but the Grey is pulling her more deeply into it's fold and she's no longer sure if the next time she goes in if she'll be able to get back out.

This was an incredibly intense book.  It really is the culmination of the story arcs from the last 4 all pulled together and resolved.  I enjoyed it very much as Ms. Richardson is incredibly gifted with words, especially her descriptive language but at the end of it, I'm feeling a bit burned out. I found that I kept gripping the book a little tighter and I would have to find something else to do for a few minutes just to bring myself out of the battle and back into reality.  A very good series but even with another one on the shelf, I think it's time for something a bit lighter

Page count: 357p/23,711p ytd

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