Saturday, May 26, 2012

110:62 Grave Dance by Kalayna Price

2nd in the Alex Price series.  Left foots are being found, some still in shoes but there are no signs of how they were detached nor any other body parts.  Eventually Alex is brought in and with the help of a friend, tries to raise a shade with no success.  All they can get is the shade of a dancing left foot.  Unfortunately it looks like even that is too much information and soul constructs are now coming after Alex from all over the place.

Somehow Finn is involved with this.  He disappeared almost immediately after the last case and shows up now on her front door badly wounded.  Caleb doesn't trust him, Death doesn't like him, & he's the Queen's Bloody Hands but still Alex feels compelled to help him & he her but it's a dangerous road they must travel through the kingdoms of fairie and beyond.

In all, a good book.  Pace was better than the first one and the story was engaging but she still gets a bit repetitive.  Some avenues of exploration have been left open that look promising for future books.

Page count: 400p/19,901p ytd

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