Thursday, May 24, 2012

110:61 Blackout by Mira Grant

The end of the Newsflesh trilogy.  Georgia has been brought back as a clone by the CDC in order to try and control Shaun.  The EIS wants to get this version (7c who is 97% accurate) out before that happens.  Shaun is going more and more insane due to Georgia's death and is working with Dr. Abby to try and find out who created the mosquitoes that are now able to spread a KA outbreak.  What's left of his team (Mahir, Maggie, Becks, and Alaric) are still with him off the grid trying to break this story open but Alaric's main concern is his sister who is trapped in FL after the outbreak there...especially since it looks like the government is considering FL a loss and is pulling out but not letting the survivors leave.

So what happens when all these pieces that have been thrown out there finally start coming together?  That is the story that is Blackout.  Ms Grant does a fine job of weaving it all together using the voices of Georgia and Shaun in the very believable world that she has created.  That being said tho, there were a few points that I was disappointed in.  First, I HATE when authors bring people they've killed back from the dead.  It always seems like a cheat to me and while she did it better than most, I'm still not a fan of it.  I think it cheapened the death of Georgia in the first place which was one of the most poignant death scenes I've ever read.  Second, I felt the wrap-up of all the conspiracies being easily handed to them by the President and VP on a silver platter was a bit too pat of an answer.  I think it would have been more in keeping with the other books to have Shaun finish going crazy because Georgia really was dead but yet he and his team find the information they were seeking and blown the whole thing open.  So for me, this book stands out at the weakest of the three.  That's not a knock as it is still an absolutely engaging, mesmerizing, and haunting tale of love, government conspiracy, and zombies and better than the majority of tripe being put out and it had a very bar set for it which, imo, it feel just a bit short of.

Still....go read it.  Seriously.  And then Rise Up!

Page count: 659p/19,501p ytd

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