Friday, May 11, 2012

110:56 Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

The 12th book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.  Felipe, Eric's king, is coming to town to look for his missing right-hand man, Victor.  Big problem is that Eric and Sookie killed Victor so proving their innocence could be tricky.  Turns out not to be a big worry since during the initial meeting between the two sides, a dead woman is found in Eric's front yard...a woman he was recently drinking from.  Now they need to figure out who killed her since it obviously seems like a set-up.

That was basically how it was described and I was all set for a big showdown between Felipe and Eric and seeing how they were going to get out of this.  Based on the last book, I was also looking forward to a resolution between Eric and Sookie's relationship.  So not what I got.

I was disappointed with this book.  It's not just that I didn't get what I was expecting but that sooooo much time was spent following Sookie around as she did mundane things and tried to forget all the crap she was dealing with.  I get that forgetting all the awful stuff that happens is a normal, natural thing but really...what would make you think I want to spend a few pages reading about her making sweet potato pie for her brother?  It seemed like this book took a huge step backward in her character development as she spent a lot of time bemoaning her fate and waiting for Eric to talk to her and waiting for someone to tell her what was going on because she couldn't figure anything out at any time until it was totally outlined for her.  Gone was any type of strength or self-assuredness  that we had seen.  Instead it was all, "I'm having a horrible day/life and it sucks so I think I'll put on more make-up to feel better about myself".   Really?!  That's what you've got to make yourself feel better?  Make-up?  Pretty clothes?

I'm glad this series is almost at an end.  I've heard #13 is the last book but honestly, it feels like it should have ended a few books ago.  This one and the last have had very little life or plot to them and could have just as easily have been one book instead of two for all the actual content they had.  Ms. Harris definitely seems to be done with the series and is stretching it out to meet contractual obligations.  I hope the last one actually wraps things up in a spectacular way to make-up for these last two disappointments.

Page count: 327p/17,656p ytd

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