Friday, December 30, 2011

104:109 The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor by Kirkman & Bonansinga

Based on the comic and television show, this is the backstory of Philip Blake, the Governor of Woodsbury.  Having run into him in what I've read of the comics, I have to say I wasn't expecting the ending this took but it was a compelling read that drags you in and keeps you reading until the end.  A must read for fans of the comics.  If you are just a fan of the tv show, you might want to wait until he's actually introduced as a character there first.

Page count: 308p/32,165p ytd

And with that, I hit my goal of 40 new authors for the year.  No way am I getting in another almost 3,000 pages read in the next day so that goal isn't going to get met but still, lots of reading has been done and most of it was good.  Time to start thinking about what my reading challenges will be for next year.

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