Monday, December 26, 2011

104:107 Naamah's Curse by Jacqueline Carey

The second book in the Naamah trilogy.  It's been about 2yrs since I read the first one so I admit to not remember many of the finer details but there was enough flashback stuff to remind me of the important bits but not be tedious about the reminders.  Moirin has decided to chase after Bao and the missing part of her diadh-anam that he carries within him.  They are joined and she will not feel complete until they are together again and can figure out how to live with what has been done to bring him back to life.  In her quest to find him, she finds so much more than she bargained for and must face dangers beyond any she had ever dreamed of.  Will she renounce her gods and their destiny for her and how will it affect Bao if her diadh-anam is exstingueshed through that renouncement?  Or will she find the strength to carry-on even if it means death?

A compelling read.  Unlike in the Kushiel series, there is a tenderness and sweetness to Moirin that Kushiel didn't have in the same way.  She's not well-educated and so much is based on her intuition and relationship with nature.  She's rash and impulsiveness but in that way that has you nodding your head and saying "yep, I can see exactly why she did that and I can see myself doing the same thing".  I thoroughly enjoyed this one and will be starting the last book in the trilogy as soon as I get home.

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