Wednesday, December 7, 2011

104:101 If I'm So Smart, Why Can't I Lose Weight? by Brooke Casillo

A friend recommended this one to me and it was eye-opening.  There were some tools (as she calls them) that I found incredibly helpful and have started using already.  There were some that I had only recently figured out in the last year or so before reading this and it was nice to see validation of what I believed from another source.  There are others that I think it will take more time to internalize and I need to do her exercises on them to fully incorporate but they will be helpful in the long-run.  I read through it quickly the first time to get a feel for the information she was presenting and I want to noodle it a bit before diving into it again.  The 100 Days of Weight-Loss that I am doing seems to be very on track with many of the same concepts but I think the next time I feel my program slipping I will be picking this back up and going over it more slowly, taking time to do all the exercises and letting each one sink in more fully before moving on.

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