Monday, December 12, 2016

105:120 Fall Like Snow by Seanan McGuire

Zephyr has never been outside.  Her mother keeps her safe in their house all of her days because outside the snow and cold will freeze her but it's tricky because the snow wants Zephyr to come outside so in the spring it looks warms and pink, the summer is blue and green, and the fall snow is the most dangerous with it's firey snow.  Mother goes out to get supplies from time to time and Zephyr knows she is lucky her mother is so brave to do this.  But now Mother is getting old and there is no food and Zephyr has no idea what to do...

A short story for Seanan's patreon supporters, not set in a previous world.  It's not a comforting story by any means, more bittersweet than anything but lovely in its way.

Page count: 20p/25,737p ytd/274,894p lifetime

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