Wednesday, December 7, 2016

102:120 Stage of Fools by Seanan McGuire

Set before October in a time centuries ago, we find Tybalt newly a King of Cats in a court with no subjects as he has chased them off to make sure they avoid the plague that is in London.  Now he's out enjoying the merrymaking when his sister finds him and she is on the run from the nobles of the High Court after being accused of murdering their heir.  The only thing is, she didn't and she has their shared baby as proof.  Now Tybalt must find a way to get the Fae Court to back off his sister and keep her and her baby safe and to do that, he must figure out who would have wished the High Prince dead.

Set after Forbid the Sea (and should have been read before Voice of Lions...whoops), it's another chapter in filling in Tybalt's past which is something I've been thrilled that we are getting.  I think I love Tybalt even more than October so any time I can get more about him, I'm a happy camper.

Page count: 18p/25,016p ytd/274,173p lifetime

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