Tuesday, December 6, 2016

101:120 The Levee was Dry by Seanan McGuire

We are in a world where a virus has changed our brain chemistry so that the precise second you turn 35, you can no longer hear recorded music that you haven't heard before.  It all becomes static.  It has become a tradition that just before your 35th birthday, you start binge listening to get as much as possible before the static starts and then you are thankful that live music isn't affected by this.  The big question still being asked though, is how did this happen and can it be reversed someday?

A Patreon short story in its own world.  Wasn't as big a fan of this one, I love music but the whole concept just didn't make sense to me especially since live music was still available.  The whole thing just didn't gel right for me.

Page count: 30p/24,998p ytd/274,155p lifetime

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