Sunday, November 20, 2016

93:120 Heaps of Pearl by Seanan McGuire

King Gilad is holding a ball in honor of the new Duchess-in-Waiting of Saltmist and all nobles in the Kingdom of the Mists are expected to attend.  Baron Patrick Twycross grumbles but figures he will do as he usually does and make sure his face is seen before finding a place to retreat to safely until he can leave without causing offense.  What he didn't plan on was finding a woman he had never seen before threatening to throw chairs at people if she didn't get some real food immediately.  Since the kitchens are one of Patrick's favorite haunts, he gallantly offers to help her procur a real meal.  Patrick certainly had no idea that he was feeding the Duchess-in-Waiting...

Having already met Dianda and Patrick in the Toby universe, it was fun to see how they first met and began the relationship that we already have seen established.

Page count: 24p/24,196p ytd/273,346p lifetime

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