Tuesday, November 8, 2016

88:120 History of US: Making Thirteen Colonies by Joy Hakim

My third time reading these books.  Here is my previous review:
The 2nd book in the History of US series (5th-8th US History text).  Well, Jon likes them as much as he likes history at all (which is to say not much) but I will say that I think I was spoiled by the Oxford Ancient Times series.  This one just hasn't gripped me, the writing is repetitive in it's simplistic language, and I'm basically just ungripped.  I'm sure there are better books out there but the small chapters and easy reading is exactly what Jon needs so I think I'm stuck with it.  *sigh*  Only 8 more volumes left. 

Ok, now that I've had over a year away from the Oxford series and am reading these with a child who is enjoying them, I'm much less cranky with them.  I still find the jumping around annoying but that seems to be fairly common with many history books as they try to focus on whatever thing they are currently talking about although I feel that without the context of everything else that was happening at the time there is a lot that gets lost even if you swing back around and try to pick that other stuff up while following a different thread.  But maybe that's just me.  I am definitely willing to concede that.  I will say, these do hold up better next to the high school world history that I am also currently reading.  

Page count: 192p/23,410p ytd/272,560p lifetime

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