Thursday, November 3, 2016

85:120 The Marvelous Land of Oz by L. Frank Baum

Old Mombi is out when her ward, Tip, decides to make a pumpkinhead man to scare her upon her return but the joke is on Tip when Old Mombi uses the pumpkinhead to test a new spell she has gotten the component to and brings him to life.  Now Tip is on the run with Jack Pumpkinhead and their new mount, the Sawhorse, to the Emerald City to escape Old Mombi's wrath.  Unfortunately, when they get there they find that the city is under seige by a rebel army of women under the leadership of General JinJur.  Now Tip and his friends must aid the Scarecrow to escape and get help to bring order back to the city.  Their best hope will be to find Princess Ozma, the daughter of the ruler that the Wizard deposed, but she has been missing for many years now.

I actually preferred this one to the first in that the characters were a bit more complex and the actual quest moved better and the Tin Woodman was a bit more cautious with his ax.

Page count: 288p/22,866p ytd/272,016p lifetime

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