Thursday, June 30, 2016

58:120 Night Flower by Kate Elliot

A prequel to Court of Fives which shows the meeting of Jessamy's parents, Kiya and Esladas.  Kiya is a Commoner who has just arrived in the city of Saryenia under her uncle's care to see city life before returning to her village and taking her place as a full adult member there.  Esladas is the youngest son of a Patron with no prospects for inheritance and has made his way to the city to become a soldier and make his own way.  He has just barely arrived when he wanders into the Market and finds the most beautiful woman selling fruit.  He and Kiya do not speak a word of each other's language and following where their hearts are leading will mark them both as outsiders to their people but sometimes you have no choice.

I almost feel like reading this made their parting so much worse in Court of Fives but it was an incredible read and now I'm bummed that I have to wait for the next book in the series.

Page count: 60p/15,746p ytd/265,706p lifetime

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