Thursday, June 30, 2016

57:120 Waylaid by Kim Harrison

Worlds collide when Rachel Morgan from The Hollows is pulled through to the super-technology driven, completely magic-free world of Peri Reed.  Now Rachel is stuck in a world she does not understand with no magic at her fingertips and no apparent way of getting back to her universe.  Her only choice is to rely on Peri who is completely bewildered by this woman showing up out of nowhere in her apartment and speaking English but talking of things she has no idea about.  Peri must try to figure out if she is to trust Rachel and help to get her home or stick with what her training is telling her to do.

Peri and Rachel are both characters I like in worlds that I enjoy but I never thought their worlds would ever really collide so this was a sweet treat.  Kim Harrison did a good job of using the science and magic in the respective worlds to weave together a story that fit well in both.

Page count: 87p/15,686p ytd/265,646p lifetime

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