Friday, April 1, 2016

32:120 Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

Mercy Thompson book 9.  Adam and the Pack are called in to help with a troll attacking a bridge in the Tri-Cities area but after defeating the troll, they are introduced to the reason for the troll's attack, a human-child who has been in fairy for longer than anyone knows and has been given her favor.  Now the fae want him back and Mercy's protective instincts are fully kicking in and she declares her protection, not only of this child but those who come and seek it.  Now Bran has cast out Adam's pack which means they are on their own and the fae will push the limit's of Mercy's decree to get this boy and see if the holds the key to their regaining the favor of fairy.  Even her own pack is not sure of their ability to uphold her stance but then Adam goes Alpha on them, overruling Mercy's wishes on dealing with the pack, and now there is a very united front.  That's a good thing because negotiating with Fairy itself, as well as the fae, is tricky enough when you are not divided among yourselves.

This series has never been less than great but Wow!  This book seemed to have it all.  Adam going all Alpha is a thing of beauty and the love between him and Mercy is always beautiful.  Mercy is Mercy.  She protects and loves fiercely.  She opens her mouth and sticks her foot in it but doesn't back down when she believes she's right.  Things with the fae have been climbing the last couple of books and it was great to see how things are starting to play out there.  I love that the fae are not inherently evil but simply are not human.  They don't think like humans and have totally different priorities and use different means to accomplish their goals.  It doesn't make them evil per se, but they are other.  Now that there is a treaty of sorts between these fae and Adam and Mercy, it will be very interesting to see where this goes.

Page count: 342p/9,092p ytd/259,139p lifetime

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