Thursday, March 31, 2016

31:120 The Familiars by Adam Jay Epstein & Andrew Jacobson

The first in The Familiars series following the adventures of Aldwyn the cat, Skylar the bird, and Gilbert the frog who are the familiars of three student wizards.  Aldwyn has just been taken in as Jack's familiar when the three young wizards are kidnapped to keep them from fulfilling a prophecy to stop the new evil that has entered Vestria.  It's up to Aldwyn and his friends to try and find their Loyals and save the country.

This was an interesting take on the traditional wizard/familiar dynamic with putting the emphasis of the story on following the animal familiars and it being their job to save the day.  Unfortunately, the fresh imagining could not overcome the simplistic writing style, repetitive inner monologues, and plodding pacing.  However, it wasn't written for me but for children like my 10yr old son who loved and read the entire series. I think he's really at the top of the age range that this book series is for but if you have kids in the 7-8yr old range who like fantasy, they may really enjoy it.

Page count: 360p/8,750p ytd/258,797p lifetime

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