Thursday, March 24, 2016

28:120 The Book of Merlyn by T.H. White

What was supposed to be the true final book for the Once and Future King but due to mishaps in publishing and editing was never included in the final compilation, Arthur and Merlyn are reunited on the eve of his final battle with Mordred.  Merlyn brings the despondent Arthur to a council of animals as they are trying to figure out man's role in the universe.  Part of this ends up being longer sequences of Arthur's time as an ant and a goose but there is much going on about the evils of war and how to try and put a permanent stop to it.  In this, the author's viewpoints are very much in evidence as different sides are argued but ultimately it's decided that war is awful and needs to be abolished somehow although it's never fully figured out how that would be accomplished.

I don't think the Once and Future King truly needed this book in order to feel complete but it does do a nice job of bringing together all the lessons of Arthur's life in a tidier order.

Page Count: 137p/7,695p ytd/257,742p lifetime

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