Tuesday, April 19, 2016

37:120 Every Heart a Doorway by Seanan McGuire

Sometimes, for special children, doors open into new and fantastical lands.  Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, many of these children are thrown back months or even years later and left wanting to go back.  Eleanor West was once one of those children but her door never closed and she has been back several times but instead of staying, she runs a home for those children who are trying to figure out life here after being there.  Nancy is one who has just come back from a land of the dead and wants nothing more than to go back where things make sense to her but her parents want their bright, rainbow girl again so they have sent her to Ms. West's house.  There Nancy meets Sumi (a child who visited a high nonsense land), Kade (who was in a fairy land but was thrown out when they discovered she was really a he), Jack and Jill (girl twins who were with a vampire lord), and Christopher (who traveled to the land of bones).  There are many more in the school but those are the ones who seem to take an interest in being her friend and Nancy is trying to settle in but things change after Sumi is found murdered with her hands cut off.  Now Nancy as the new girl from a land of the dead is suspect and her friends are with her in trying to uncover who the real murderer is.

So many things to say about this book.  I loved the diversity of the characters!  The worlds were amazing but we get to know so little about them and I wanted to know so much more.  This is really more of a novella than a full novel which means there is more worldbuilding than we would normally see in a short story so therefore so much more to tease us with but not enough time to go in depth with anything.  This is truly Nancy's story so we get everything from her perspective and the details on her world but really, there seem to be so many stories to tell here and I really hope we get to have more of them.

Page count: 173p/10,071p ytd/260,148p lifetime

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