Monday, April 11, 2016

33:120 Grave Visions by Kalayna Price

The 4th book in the Alex Craft novels.  Now that Alex is out as a fae, she is trying to figure out all the rules that she didn't grow up with and how to deal with the big one of not knowing (and not currently wanting) to swear allegiance to any fae court.  Unfortunately, she has a faerie household and without the strength of a court, they are draining her of energy and she is now risking fading.  The Winter Queen is now summoning her to attend a grisly murder in her court that is obviously a threat directed at her while the human law is asking for her help in a series of locked-room murders.  On top of all that, one of her best friends is getting married and she is part of the wedding party.  Somehow she must help with the murders and find the culprit so she can get the Winter Queen to allow her to be an unaligned fae which can halt her fading.  Unfortunately, time is not on her side and it may be better to align with a court than risk the consequences.

It's been several years since the last book was published so I was a little confused on where things had left off previously but thankfully this book did a good job of adding in just enough reminders to jog the memory but didn't do the whole "in the last book..." type of thing.  The fae court stuff going on in this one was very well done and there was some nice intrigue going on for a bit but the main baddie was pretty easy to figure out pretty quickly so it was more a matter of waiting for the main characters to catch on and have the evidence necessary to prove it which is not always so fun.  I prefer to figure it out with them, not ahead of them.  Otherwise, a good installment and I hope whatever it was that put this one off for so long is now happily resolved and regular installments can continue.

Page count: 340p/9,432p ytd/259,479p lifetime

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