Thursday, February 26, 2015

17:120 Forsaken by Kelley Armstrong

A new side novel in the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong which takes place after the series end.  Elena has been alpha for a few years now but it is still hard getting other Packs to acknowledge her as the true alpha but she is in London trying to work with their pack leader when she starts getting odd phone calls asking where her puppy is.  She shrugs it off and decides that the situation is no longer worth continuing to miss out on their family vacation but by the time she gets back to the states she is informed that Kate, her daughter, is missing.  She and many of the pack come to find her but when she gets there, she starts smelling the one thing she never wanted to find again, the scent of Malcolm, the father of the former pack leader and her father-in-law as well as a psychotic killer.  The panic is immense especially as he is not alone.  This was not a fight she wanted to have and especially not with her child in their clutches.

Such an amazing installment and I hated every time I had to put it down to deal with other things.  The ending was a complete shocker and well played.  I am so glad that Ms. Armstrong is continuing to give us stories about the Pack and most especially Elena and Clay.  Never know when we are going to get one but they are such pleasures when we do,

Page count: 237p/4,260p ytd/219,194p lifetime

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