Tuesday, February 24, 2015

14:120 Darkness Falls by Keri Arthur

The final installment in the Dark Angels series by Keri Arthur.  Time has run out for Risa.  Hunter is making her move against those that have been vocal against her intentions and she has given Risa twenty-four hours to find and deliver the last key or her loved ones will suffer.  The big problem is that the black sorceress who has been several steps ahead of Risa and managed to steal the first two keys out from under her nose is still on the loose.  Add in that Risa doesn't want to hand over the key to Hunter but since Hunter has spies on her, if she finds it Hunter will know and if she isn't looking hard enough for it, Hunter will know that too.  What's a girl to do when the fate of the world is on her shoulders?

So I have spent a lot of this series screaming at each book about how slow it is moving with little to no progress on the finding of the keys or dealing with Hunter or anything else.  In this book, in just under 400 pages, the last key is found and all problems resolved with a nice tidy bow on them in less than 24 hrs.  Really?!  I didn't feel enthusiastic or overjoyed or anything by it, I felt bored and tired.  It felt like things were stretched out way too far for too long and then "oh look, this is the last book in my contract and it's not going to be renewed so I need to wrap it all up quickly".  I really enjoyed the heck out of Ms. Arthur's Riley Jensen series and was excited to see a new series in the same universe where even if Riley was barely around, it was familiar but the pacing was just awful after the first book.  I wanted to like it and I kept with it hoping it would get better but it never got good.  The best was ok.

Page count: 375p/3,830p ytd/218,764p lifetime

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