Sunday, February 22, 2015

12:120 Sudden Backtrack by Kim Harrison

A short story set in the Hollows universe, told from Al's point of view and detailing the curse that the demons put upon the elves and how Newt came to be the way we knew her in Rachel's time.  It was definitely interesting to hear Al's voice narrating a tale and to see Newt as something other than crazy and out of it but in full command of herself and her destiny.  Hearing the way the elves treated them, definitely makes you understand why things went down the way they did and have a lot more sympathy for the demons.  I'm reading a lot of history right now and a lot about the slave trade and oh my yes, it was all in this even as short as it was.  I really hope Ms. Harrison does more little shorts like this in that world because it was such a fantastic series and I agree that the main story is told but that doesn't mean I don't want to visit those characters from time to time.

Page count: 21p/3,373p ytd/218,307p lifetime

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