Friday, June 6, 2014

68:120 Hold Me Fast but Fear Me Not by Stefon Mears

A modern retelling of the Tam Lin myth.  Jane's uncle has died and left her his house and everything else.  She and her friend take a road trip to a town that doesn't appear on any maps and that is only the start of the strangeness of the town.  The strangest thing by far are the stories about the motorcycle gang that roams her uncle's land and especially their charming leader.  Before she knows what's happened, she has fallen in love with him and is carrying their child but finds out quickly that there are stranger forces at work that she will have to battle if she wants to keep the man she has come to love.

I'm only passingly familiar with the legend this is based on and I'm curious to do some more research on this.  I enjoyed the story itself without the background although I had some technical issues with some of the pregnancy symptoms and I felt like the ending was a bit rushed but otherwise a fun tale.

Page count: 112p/16,694p ytd/197,732p lifetime

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