Tuesday, June 17, 2014

71:120 Sudden Death by Stefon Mears

Ramirez was just an ordinary guy, nothing special, with an ordinary job.  He came home from work expecting to just grab a beer and watch some TV one night when instead he finds the body of his neighbor dead in his shower, apparently murdered with one of his kitchen knives.  With no idea what to do, he panics and starts to consider fleeing when he starts finding notes that lead him on a path from which there seems to be no return.  One with conspiracies within conspiracies and you can never know who to trust.  All he wants to know is why him but that is not as simple a question as it seems...

An interesting tale of manipulation, reminding me in many ways of the movie "The Game" with Michael Douglas of a man caught up in something where he doesn't know what is going on or who is pulling the strings.

Page count: 72p/17,436p ytd/198,474p lifetime

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