Wednesday, June 4, 2014

67:120 Hot Mama by Jennifer Estep

The 2nd book in the Bigtime series.  The wedding between Carmen (aka Karma Girl) and Sam (aka Striker) is interrupted by the newest ubervillians in Bigtime but Fiona (aka Fiera) and the rest of the Fearless Five tells them to go ahead on their honeymoon anyway.  Fiona needs a break from the happy newlyweds as even after a year she still mourns the loss of her fiance, Typhoon.  Now she is not only trying to stop the new ubervillians but after meeting sexy Johnny Bulluci, she is willing to find time to enter the dating scene again.  Can she manage to keep her secret superhero identity secret from the man she is coming to love?  And what happens to them if she can't?

These are just pure bubblegum and I get that but at the same time, I kind of wish Ms. Estep would have done something different with the names so things weren't so blazingly obvious because that means that everyone in Bigtime is dumb as dirt to not figure out who these people all are.  Unfortunately, this one also saw the long inner-monologues with huge amounts of repetition.  I get a little bit of that at the beginning in case someone is new to the series but seriously, I'm pretty sure Fiona told us about her incredible metabolism that meant she constantly needed to eat large quantities of food over 20xs.  That is just lazy writing and has been my consistent problem with Ms. Estep's books.  Her worlds are fun and well constructed and I was hoping the repetitive inner monologues were limited to her Elemental Assassin series but apparently that is just her writing style.  I'll finish the series knowing that and I'm invested in the Elemental Assassin series and I will continue to hope that she will eventually tone that down but I will definitely not be picking up any of her other works because of it.

Page count: 356p/16,582p ytd/197,620p lifetime

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