Tuesday, December 17, 2013

132:120 Nothing O'Clock by Neil Gaiman

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 11th Doctor short story.  The Kin have escaped the temporal prison the Time Lords put them in eons ago and are now buying up property all over the Earth using their temporal shifting techniques.  Now they want The Doctor to come so they can use his TARDIS to go back to the beginning of time to populate the entire universe with only themselves.  Will he figure it out in time or is the universe doomed?

Love Gaiman and he truly captures the mannerisms of the 11th Doctor in this one.  The story is quick but engaging, the Doctor quirky and energetic, and the whole thing a fun read.  The 11th Doctor is not one of my favorites but this is a great read nonetheless.  

Page count: 45p/34,721p ytd/179,121p lifetime

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