Sunday, December 8, 2013

127:120 Cold Turkey by Nancy A. Collins

A short story set in the world of Sonja Blue.  Sonja is mistaken as a regular human by a guy at the bar and proceeds to try and play human for him...until the Other takes over and proceeds with her own ideas of what constitutes a fun relationship.

I was disappointed as this was billed as being written in 2012 but really it was the same story as one published in 2002 with only a few things changed to make it more contemporary.  I enjoyed the story the first time I read it but wasn't happy to basically be duped into buying it again.  The additional story with it is the first in a serial that Ms. Collins is doing, "Absalom's Wake", was not enough to make up for the duplicity.  It was definitely not my cup of tea and not something I'll be searching out to continue reading.

Page count: 44p/33,782p ytd/178,182p lifetime

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