Sunday, December 8, 2013

129:120 The Queen's Witch by Karen Chance

Another Kit Marlowe short story.  Kit has found Gillian again and this time has convinced her to help him discover the threat to Her Majesty before he gives her what she needs for her and her daughter to leave England altogether.

Definitely needs to be read after The Gauntlet as it is a continuation of that story.  Again, a fun little romp in Kit's past but has very little to do with the Cassie story line especially since Kit is such a minor character in it.

Page count: 26p/33,860p ytd/178,260p lifetime

Yes, I know I've been reading a lot of short stories lately. I've been trying to get some stuff off my to-read list and I've been doing a bunch of reading for the kids' school so short stories have been easier to just get through between all the other reading.

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